Our daughter Keira, who is currently 11, started her piano journey at Kathryn Brunner’s Piano Studio at the age of 5 in Musikgarten’s Music Makers at the Keyboard program (MMK) with Kathryn. She loved the program and quickly became very fluent in the language of music!  I believe it gave her a great foundation for where she is in her piano journey right now. She still loves to play piano and practicing is a joy for her – most days!  She was recently selected as an Honorable Mention Winner in the American Protege Competition and will play in Carnegie Hall in November. We’re all really excited for this experience and very proud of her. We currently have our youngest daughter, Eva, enrolled in the first year of the MMK program, and look forward to experiencing her musical journey as she progresses. We are grateful to Kathryn and all her wonderful teachers for the great instruction and care they have given our children.

Michelle Konson – Piano Studio Parent

After six years of my son taking piano through Kathryn Brunner’s Piano Studio, I am able to look back and know that I made a smart choice in choosing her program. Not only has my son received the gift of music through studio teacher Anna Futoran but the program has also helped him to develop a level of confidence, concentration, and self-discipline that will serve him well in life.

Kerry Mairs – Piano Studio Parent

I first met Kathryn over 10 years ago when my oldest son took her Musikgarten classes.  He continues to play the piano 12 years later and I attribute his musicality to his early development in music classes with Kathryn and her Musikgarten program.  Kathryn helped to foster his love for music and rhythm through her dedication and firm commitment to teaching children and her love for music.  She clearly loves what she does and makes a huge difference in the lives of children and how they develop musically!

Morgan Hanzlik – Piano Studio Parent

Laurie Conran“I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to take piano lessons from Mrs. Brunner. She is a supportive teacher and adapts to fit each student’s learning style. I started lessons with her as a beginner in elementary school and continued studying with her for eight consecutive years. Learning to play piano opens up a world of creativity in the mind. It taught me to discipline myself to dedicate my time to something I am passionate about. I am now a junior at Elizabethtown College and have taken a keyboard class, occasionally play piano for worship at my campus ministry, and teach a person with an intellectual disability from the community how to play piano.”

Laurie Conran – Graduation Student


“As a former student, I had the pleasure and privilege of taking piano lessons from Kathryn for 13 years. Pursuing piano through my studies with Kathryn is truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as Kathryn is an exceptional piano teacher, mentor and friend. Kathryn exudes enthusiasm and has a true passion for teaching music, which is evident through her commitment to excellence and ability to instruct, inspire and motivate in each lesson. Furthermore, Kathryn holds the highest of expectations for each of her students—paying attention to more than just the technical details of the music by exploring the emotion and story being portrayed in each of the notes.

During my high school years, I expressed an interest in learning how to play songs that I heard in church and on the radio. Kathryn tailored my piano lessons to focus on songwriting, worship music and chords/inversions—which ignited within me a whole new love for piano and greatly prepared me for college auditions and performing my original music.

Since my lessons with Kathryn, I’ve gone on to sign a record deal and graduate from Berklee College of Music. I play piano every day and run through my scales, arpeggios and chord inversions just like old times. I feel very fortunate to have had a piano teacher like Kathryn. She saw so much potential in me and continues to encourage me to this day in my career aspirations. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for a long-term mentor for their child or themselves in music.”

Polly Baker Music

Polly Lohrmann (Polly Baker), Graduating Student

We have been thrilled with Kathryn Brunner’s exceptional teaching for these 11 years.  Her expertise in early childhood music education is a joy to me as a homeschooling mom. Her passion for her work comes across in her love for meeting the developmental needs of every child who enters her studio.

Kathryn has been my son’s music teacher since he was 3 years old starting in 2005. My son is now 14 years old and continues to study piano at Kathryn Brunner’s Piano Studio with one of Kathryn’s associate teachers, making great strides in his musicianship. After the Cycle of Seasons Preschool program, Kathryn took him through Musikgarten’s Music Makers at Home (2006-2007) and Music Maker’s at the Keyboard Curriculum (2007-2010) all in a class setting with other students. Her teaching has been outstanding. She provided my son a solid foundation during the formative years of his musical growth.

Kathryn also taught my second, third and fourth children in Family Music for Toddlers from 2006-2011.  My second and third children went through her Music Makers Around the World at the Keyboard program from 2010-2011. My second child completed the three year Music Makers at the Keyboard program in 2014, and my third child completed the MMK program in 2015 both with Kathryn and her associate teachers. My fourth child is currently in his first year of Music Makers at the Keyboard as Kathryn’s student. I love seeing my children thrive in music. Kathryn’s studio has provided the foundation for their musical development.

Marie Pinney – Piano Studio Parent