Kathryn Brunner and her associate teachers enthusiastically encourage every student toward excellence and joy in making music! In order to help each student reach his or her full musical potential, the studio provides guidance for personal practicing, group learning, and public performance. Active listening, singing, counting, reading and analyzing are modeled in the lessons as essential tools for weekly improvement which should be employed with patience and determination in daily practice at home. Students who respond diligently to instruction will become well versed in musical vocabulary and will attain great facility at the keyboard. The studio acquaints students with varied repertoire relating to different style periods and genres through careful study and inspirational performances. A faith based approach allows each teacher to care for students’ hearts and minds while helping shape their musicianship. All teachers begin each lesson with a brief word of prayer to thank God for making us in His image and for giving us the gift of music.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in festivals for their own musical growth. The Northern Virginia Music Teacher’s Association and the Springfield Music club offer several festivals each year. The festival format provides students an opportunity to be evaluated by a panel of judges in a non-competitive atmosphere, but one that maintains a high standard of excellence.

The Studio recital is a grand opportunity for students to perform for one another, family, and friends in the community. Participation is required.