Protégé Program

Protégé Program: Lessons By Application* 

Each Studio Teacher will select students who demonstrate the following:

  • Faithfulness in thoughtful, daily practice.
  • A desire & drive to become a skilled, artistic musician.
  • Commitment to excellence in performing.
  • A desire to acquire and practice leadership skills (for age 11 and up only).

Protégé Student Distinctives:

  • Craft advantageous, individual performance goals with coaching from Studio Teachers.**
  • Reach clear weekly goals with scales, chords, & arpeggio practice.
  • Demonstrate consistent desire to tackle both challenging and enjoyable repertoire.
  • Attend Studio Class on four Tuesdays throughout the year and one Friday: Required.
  • Assist teachers in the MMK Studio Classes (ages 11 and up only).
  • Perform for MMK students & other protégé students during Tuesday studio classes.
  • Perform at the Studio Recital.

Goals upon graduation:

  • Protégé knows how to critically interact with music in every day life.
  • Protégé is equipped to be a life long musician.
  • Protégé understands music is a gift to be shared through performance.
  • Protégé is comfortable learning & performing late intermediate to advanced piano literature.

Who may apply:

  • MMK graduates
  • Transfer students

When to apply: 

  • Applications will be available by request in the Spring.
  • Notifications of student selection will be made by April.

*Openings are limited to each teacher’s unique schedule.

**Students may participate in festivals, competitions and various other performance opportunities.

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