Our daughter Keira, who is currently 11, started her piano journey at Kathryn Brunner’s Piano Studio at the age of 5 in Musikgarten’s Music Makers at the Keyboard program (MMK) with Kathryn. She loved the program and quickly became very fluent in the language of music!  I believe it gave her a great foundation for where she is in her piano journey right now. She still loves to play piano and practicing is a joy for her – most days!  She was recently selected as an Honorable Mention Winner in the American Protege Competition and will play in Carnegie Hall in November. We’re all really excited for this experience and very proud of her. We currently have our youngest daughter, Eva, enrolled in the first year of the MMK program, and look forward to experiencing her musical journey as she progresses. We are grateful to Kathryn and all her wonderful teachers for the great instruction and care they have given our children.

Michelle Konson – Piano Studio Parent