“As a former student, I had the pleasure and privilege of taking piano lessons from Kathryn for 13 years. Pursuing piano through my studies with Kathryn is truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as Kathryn is an exceptional piano teacher, mentor and friend. Kathryn exudes enthusiasm and has a true passion for teaching music, which is evident through her commitment to excellence and ability to instruct, inspire and motivate in each lesson. Furthermore, Kathryn holds the highest of expectations for each of her students—paying attention to more than just the technical details of the music by exploring the emotion and story being portrayed in each of the notes.

During my high school years, I expressed an interest in learning how to play songs that I heard in church and on the radio. Kathryn tailored my piano lessons to focus on songwriting, worship music and chords/inversions—which ignited within me a whole new love for piano and greatly prepared me for college auditions and performing my original music.

Since my lessons with Kathryn, I’ve gone on to sign a record deal and graduate from Berklee College of Music. I play piano every day and run through my scales, arpeggios and chord inversions just like old times. I feel very fortunate to have had a piano teacher like Kathryn. She saw so much potential in me and continues to encourage me to this day in my career aspirations. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for a long-term mentor for their child or themselves in music.”

Polly Baker Music

Polly Lohrmann (Polly Baker), Graduating Student